Aircraft Cleaning

Interior Services

Trip Ready

Intérieur d'un jet privé de luxe

To compensate for any inconvenience during your last flight :

  • Cleaning the surfaces of the galley to the washbasin, mirrors and portholes leaving them all impeccable.
  • Empty trash and ashtrays, wipe all wooden surfaces.
  • Suction of seats and carpets, removal of tasks and arranging seat belts.

Cleaning & Renovation of Leather

This is a deep & cleaning with cream and specific milk to regain the initial luxurious appearance of the leather.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning process or dry cleaning system (this is a safe method of thorough cleaning of carpets using brushing machines and special cleaning products).

Cleaning with water and specific products in injection extraction.

Protection of carpet fibers. Restore the best aspect of the carpet.


Complete cockpit cleaning using anti-static wipes and retail brushes.

Treatment & Disinfection

Sanitation of the atmosphere, polyvalent principle of disinfection, deodorant and insecticide, eliminates all the bacteria, Remanence 2 months, Non-inflammable.

Luggage Storage

Cleaning of floor and ceiling surfaces and Disinfection if necessary.

Cleaning High Finish

Extensive interior cleaning where all the services are included, in order to find the interior aspect of the new, including the cleaning of the appliance vault


Service on request for table linen and clothing.

Exterior Services

Nettoyage et entretien de jet privé

Cleaning Transit

Quick outdoor cleaning  ” Quick Turn Arround ”

Nose of the aircraft and doors main entrances

Dirt control throughout the unit

Cleaning Exterior

Dry or full water cleaning from the nose to the tail of the aircraft

Removal of all dirt and insect spots

Removing Fat Oil Tasks

Your plane is fully cleaned.

Polish Aluminium

The aluminum polish is made to give the best mirror appearance of the leading edges of the wings or motor inlets

In addition to optimizing flight conditions…

Polish Painting

Objective: to smooth the total surface of the paint in order to optimize the penetration into the air

Protection of the paint for a better appearance and to avoid deposits of contaminants

Significant gain on fuel consumption.